Spider veins are relatively common, especially as you age. These visible veins are most commonly found in the legs or face. If you notice spider veins and want to achieve more even pigmentation, treatment options are available. Patients in Oregon and Washington can schedule an appointment at Silver Falls Dermatology for effective spider vein removal. 

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are damaged veins near the surface of the skin. They are caused by damaged valves within the veins. While similar to varicose veins, they are smaller and do not cause the skin to bulge. Spider veins are typically red and look similar to spider webs or tree branches. They are most commonly found in the legs or face. In most cases, spider veins do not cause physical symptoms. However, some patients may experience pain, discomfort or itchiness due to their spider veins. 

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins are caused by damaged valves. As valves within the veins become damaged, blood can pool or leak into the lower parts of the veins, causing the vein to twist or become misshapen as the walls weaken. Several conditions or health concerns may contribute to spider veins. These include pregnancy, rosacea, sun damage, genetics and the natural aging process. 

Spider Vein Treatment Options 

At Silver Falls Dermatology, we offer two basic options for spider veins. The first and most common is sclerotherapy. This treatment involves injecting a solution directly into the spider vein. This solution damages the inside of the vein, causing the body to naturally reroute blood flow to nearby healthy veins. The spider vein will then become scar tissue, which is no longer visible. Most patients will see results about three to six weeks after receiving sclerotherapy for their spider veins. 

Lasers may also be an appropriate treatment option for some spider veins. Laser treatments work by targeting the pigmented cells within the laser vein. As the laser targets these cells, heat is generated. This destroys the spider vein. In some cases, spider veins may disappear after a single laser treatment. Other patients may require three or more treatments. Because laser treatment works by targeting pigmentation, this treatment may not be appropriate for those with tan or darker skin tones. During a consultation, your provider can help you determine the most appropriate option. 



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