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Second Location, Mohs Surgery in Medford

We have a lot going on in Medford! This month, we’re adding a second location and two doctors to our team. Board Certified Dermatologists Brandon Markus, DO will offer Mohs surgery, while Jennifer Childers, MD blends alternative therapies and traditional medicine in her dermatology practice. They join dermatology-trained Nurse Practitioner Connie Hayes to provide a full complement of care, locally.

At our Barnett Road location, dermatology-trained Nurse Practitioner Connie Hayes, DNP, APRN provides dermatology care for adults and children. Dermatology-trained nurse practitioners diagnosis and treat conditions of the skin, hair and nails such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhea, bacterial and viral infections, herpes, warts, rosacea, eczemas and alopecia. Dermatology-trained nurse practitioners also diagnose and treat benign and malignant skin lesions, including skin cancer.

Starting this month, Silver Falls Dermatology will also offer Mohs surgery in Medford. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a specialized, highly effective technique used in the removal of certain types of skin cancer. With Mohs, the entire examination and removal of the cancerous tissue is completed in one visit. As a result of this expedient process, as well as the methodical removal and examination of the tissue, Mohs surgery has been recognized as having the highest reported cure rate for skin cancer.

Board Certified Dermatologist Brandon Markus, DO will be performing Mohs procedures in Medford beginning this spring. Dr. Markus graduated cum laude from BYU Hawaii, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in biochemistry. After working as a chemist for two years, Brandon attended Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona, where he earned his medical degree. He then completed his internship in Internal Medicine at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon. He completed his residency at Silver Falls Dermatology, the only private practice in Oregon to offer a Dermatology Residency.

Also this month, we are adding a second Medford office on Town Centre Drive. Long-time Medford Dermatologist Jennifer Childers, MD will join the practice at this location. Dr. Childers is a board certified dermatologist with a practice philosophy that blends alternative therapies and traditional medicine. She attempts to combine the best of conventional and alternative medicine into integrated care for a multitude of dermatology conditions, taking costs and patient preferences into account. Dr. Childers brings twenty years of expertise as part of an integrative medical team to complement the medical dermatology practice.

Dr. Childers’ schedule is now open for appointments.

Silver Falls Dermatology is accepting consults and new patients and can be reached by phone at (866) 599-DERM. They plan to accept all insurance plans, including Medicaid.

Dr. Markus and Connie Hayes see patients at 1910 E Barnett Road Suite 101.   

Dr. Childers’ office is located at 935 Town Centre Drive, Suite A in Medford.

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