William Lear, MD

Dr. Lear is a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon. He was the first fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon in Marion County and is the director of the Silver Falls Dermatology Mohs Fellowship program. He has completed over 12,000 Mohs cases, the vast majority of which he has also reconstructed. Dr. Lear presents both locally and nationally and is actively engaged in research with Oregon State University on surgical materials. He has recently authored numerous peer-reviewed publications; a recent publication was a chapter on suture materials and surgical instrumentation in Robinson’s Surgery of the Skin, 3rd Edition, the primary textbook of dermatologic surgery.

Dr. Lear is also passionate about standardizing techniques and making innovations to suture technology. He has collaborated with Oregon State University and OHSU to research wound healing and wound closure technologies and is frequently published in peer-reviewed journals.

Board / License Credentials

Board Certified Dermatologist

Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon


Medical Degree, University of Toronto Residency, Family Medicine, McMaster University

Practicing Emergency Room Physician, Toronto Hospital System

Residency, Dermatology, University of Toronto

Chief Resident, Dermatology, University of Toronto

Fellowship, Mohs Surgery (Procedural Dermatology), University of Washington