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Dermatology Trained Physician Assistants

A Dermatology Physician Assistant (PA) is a healthcare provider who diagnoses and treats a wide variety of conditions. Physician Assistants receive their training through a College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program and majority of Dermatology PAs hold a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies with a concentration in Dermatology. Physician Assistants are part of the healthcare team and required by state law to have a supervising physician. Many PAs work independently within the dermatology office much like a staff dermatologist seeing a wide range of medical, surgical and cosmetic patients, but always under physician supervision. PAs also hold a prescribing license and are able to write prescriptions under the guidelines of the state they are licensed. The supervising dermatologist does not have to be in the office with the PA at all times, but is required to have posted hours of when he/she will be in the office. The PA and their supervising physician will decide on the practice style, supervision arrangements and delegation of services, which is appropriate for that particular physician assistant and office.