Lasers and light treatments have many uses in dermatology, and XTRAC laser is an effective treatment option for both psoriasis and vitiligo. Patients in Oregon and Washington can benefit from this non-invasive and painless treatment at Silver Falls Dermatology. 

What is the XTRAC Laser?

XTRAC is a laser treatment which uses a concentrated single band of ultraviolet B (UVB) light through a handheld device. This treatment is intended to break the DNA of T cells, which contribute to immune system dysfunction in patients with conditions including psoriasis and vitiligo. XTRAC treatment is only available through professionals in offices such as Silver Falls Dermatology. 

Candidates for XTRAC Laser

XTRAC laser treatment is utilized to treat psoriasis or vitiligo. For psoriasis patients, it can be especially beneficial in treating areas that are difficult to address with other options, including the feet, hands or scalp. Vitiligo patients who wish to restore pigmentation can also benefit from the treatment. 

XTRAC may not be recommended for those who are sensitive to light. This includes patients who take certain antibiotics, patients with lupus or those with a history of melanoma. During a consultation, your provider will carefully review your medical history to determine candidacy. 

The XTRAC Laser Procedure 

XTRAC laser treatments can be completed in just minutes and are completely painless. The laser will be directed to the treatment area through a small handheld device. Multiple treatment sessions are necessary to achieve the intended results. Psoriasis patients can expect an average of 6-10 treatments, while vitiligo patients typically see results in 6-12 treatments. No downtime is required after XTRAC treatment. 

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