Repeated facial movements and expressions can cause familiar wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet. While many have heard of Botox for these lines, other neuromodulator products are also available to treat dynamic wrinkles. At Silver Falls Dermatology in Oregon and Washington, our providers offer Dysport injections. 

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a neuromodulator. This is a type of injectable product which reduces activity and movement in the muscles where it is injected. Dysport is often used as an alternative to Botox. The product works using Abobotulinumtoxin A, making it different in its formulation compared to Botox while working in much the same way. 

Uses for Dysport

Dysport is primarily used to treat moderate to severe glabellar lines, also known as “11 lines” or “frown lines.” These are the horizontal wrinkles that form directly between the eyebrows. Dysport may also be used to reduce other wrinkles in the forehead or eye area or to prevent such wrinkles from forming or worsening over time. Finally, Dysport may be sued to treat excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis. 

Candidates for Dysport 

Most patients who notice dynamic wrinkles, especially glabellar lines, are good candidates for Dysport. The product may be recommended to those who were unhappy with previous Botox results and interested in trying an alternative. Due to their difference in active ingredients, some patients find superior results from Dysport. 

Dysport candidates should be in good overall health before receiving injections. You should avoid taking any blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory medications or supplements prior to your appointment, as these can increase risk of bruising or bleeding. Dysport is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

The Dysport Injection Procedure 

Dysport injections are typically performed after first applying a topical numbing agent to the skin to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. The product is then injected using a small needle. Dysport injections can be completed quickly in your provider’s office, with the procedure typically taking no longer than about 20-30 minutes to complete. 

After Dysport Injections 

You can immediately return to your normal routine after Dysport injections, as there is no downtime required. However, you will be instructed to avoid strenuous activity such as exercise, direct sun exposure, or drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours. It is also important to avoid applying pressure to the injection site, as this could redistribute the Dysport away from the intended treatment area. For this reason, it is also best to avoid laying down for at least four hours after your injections. 

Dysport results are typically noticeable within a few days of receiving your injections. Over time, the muscles will develop new nerve receptors and once again function as normal. This means that Dysport results are not permanent. On average, Dysport results last about three to four months. You can receive routine maintenance injections if you choose. 

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