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Varicose Veins: The Tip of the Iceberg

Thirty million Americans suffer from venous disease, the most common being Venous Insufficiency. Unfortunately, most people suffering from venous disease have never even been evaluated. Often their primary care provider has told them not to worry about their vein symptoms, or that they are only cosmetic. Patients may also believe (or have been told) that the treatment is worse...
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Six Steps to Healthier (Lovelier) Legs!

Unsightly veins, often greeted with as much joy as wrinkles, bring both cosmetic and physical problems. Genetics, hormones and trauma contribute to their appearance, but there are steps you can take to minimize their occurrence and lessen discomfort. Your Six-Step Vein Care Plan will ensure you receive the highest level of care and long-term results....
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Veins Are Like Trees, And Other Analogies

When we begin treatment for your varicose veins, we start with treatment of the main cause of the leak—either the great saphenous vein or the small saphenous vein. Think of these veins as the trunk of a tree. The branches are the large, visible veins that we see on the leg, and even though they...
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Common Vein Conditions

Vein conditions for which patients seek treatment generally fall into two categories – those that require treatment to facilitate circulatory function for medical reasons and those that are primarily cosmetic. Varicose veins are very common and fall into the first category. They result when veins fail to circulate blood properly, pooling blood beneath the surface....
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Welcome, Dr. Stewart

This month, Patricia Stewart, DO joins us from California by way of New Zealand. She will join Fawn Ross, NP-C and Ben Matthews, NP-C in our Olympia, Washington office. Dr. Stewart previously spent 18 years in private practice in California where she treated everyone from farmers to movie stars. In her private practice, Santa Barbara...
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Introducing Epionce

We are pleased to introduce a new product line for our patients! Epionce is a comprehensive and innovative skin wellness line designed to optimize the appearance and health of the skin by working at the core of the skin’s own protective and reparative systems. Epionce is formulated to help unleash the natural healing potential of...
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Rose City, Here We Come

Silver Falls Dermatology is now in Portland! We have recently acquired the practice of Timothy M. Brown, MD, who is retiring this month. The care of Dr. Brown’s patients will be transitioned to the capable hands of Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Benjamin Perry and dermatology-trained nurse practitioner, Kelli Farm. We will continue to operate in Dr....
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SFD Coming To Vancouver!

We are pleased to announce our newest location and provider – in Vancouver! John Kazmierowski, MD, formerly of Allergy, Asthma & Dermatology Associates P.C., joins our practice October 1. A familiar face in Vancouver, Dr. Kazmierowski will continue to see patients in the Salmon Creek office he’s been in for many years. The only thing changing is the...
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Happy Retirement, Dr. Childers

For 30 years, patients have enjoyed Dr. Jennifer Childers’ unique blend of alternative therapies and traditional medicine. On August 30, she’s hanging up her stethoscope and Medford won’t be the same. Dr. Childers, who graduated from Vanderbilt University and earned her Medical Degree from University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences, began her career with...
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